Social Listening -- One Step Further

S2L is the first platform that goes beyond real-time social listening

to target, engage, and retain new and existing consumers via segmented email.


Finding customers who are genuinely interested in your brand can be a time-consuming struggle. We offer brands the opportunity to identify potential customers who are already excited and engaged.

S2L goes the last mile. We turn listening into leads.

Increase your engagement and sales by turning conversations into commerce.

S2L goes beyond listening. Our unique process allows us to identify passionate brand advocates, influencers and your competitor’s customers on social platforms. Using our proprietary technology, we connect with them via segmented email, not just through social. This gives you the opportunity to build relationships that lead to sales.

  • Minimum of a 30% increase in email open rates and clicks

  • Increases sales conversions by turning advocates into customers

  • Reach prospects when they are excited about your brand or topic

Wouldn’t it be great to find people who are excited about your product and reach out to them immediately- at scale?

Our process is seamless and simple. Reaching consumers has never been easier.

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Gary Kreissman